Astro-Foam® 0.1875" Polyethylene Sheet Foam - S36P12 - 6' x 350'

PE foam performs many protection functions including: cushioning, abrasion resistance, interleaving, surface protection. Thicker foams may also be used for blocking and bracing during shipment.
Flexible and resilient material that is easy to use and re-use.

Foam thickness: 3/16 in. (0.1875")
Dimensions: 6' x 350'
Split: Every 36" (3 feet)
Perforated: Every 12" (1 foot)

Recommended Use:

  • Primary applications include cushioning and wrapping
  • Flexible to conform around odd shapes for quick, easy wrapping 

Product Features:

  • Tear resistant – great for items with sharp edges
  • High cushioning and compression strength
  • Minimizes shock and vibration during transport
  • Non-abrasive to surfaces
  • Light weight packaging alternative - less fuel consumed in transit.
  • 100% Recyclable

Available in a variety thicknesses. Options include anti-static, laminated and as sheets, pouches or on rolls. 

Note: Photodegradable - Exposure to UV sunlight breaks down polypropylene.

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Product SKU: AP9692
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FOAM 3/16"X6'X350' S36P12