Clorox® Odor Defense™ Aerosol Spray - 12/14oz

Don't mask odors. Remove them from the air—or fabrics—with this scientifically formulated product designed to not only identify odor-causing molecules but capture and eliminate them at the source.Clorox® Odor Defense® works on the toughest professional odors, like garbage, urine, feces, vomit, fire smoke, tobacco, marijuana, mildew and body odor. Once sprayed, a dual surfactant system combines to form odor traps, which prevent odors from returning to the air for up to six hours. This is our ICE® technology at work.


Directions for Use

Use in Athletic facilities, Break rooms, Classrooms, Hotel rooms, Restrooms, Waste disposal rooms

  1. Spray Clorox® Odor Defense® into area with the odor(s).
  2. If residual odor remains, position yourself in the area farthest from the room’s exit.
  3. Spray again with a side-to-side sweeping motion while moving toward the exit until the entire room is odor-free.

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