Square Scrub Pivot EBG-20/C Surface Prep Machine *Discontinued*

This product has been discontinued without a sub item. Please contact customer service for more information.

The new Square Scrub Pivot machines include a pivoting head for balanced contact & easier control. The new pivoting head releases the control handle from the bottom of the base, allowing the machine to pivot freely front to back. This pivoting motion follows uneven floors more efficiently. The new floating design allows the head to have near perfect front to back and side to side weight distribution. Near perfect weight distribution allows the entire pad to make equal contact with the floor, allowing equal distribution of the work across the entire pad. Other designs place more pressure on the front or rear of the machine causing uneven pad ware.


   Featuring a redesigned sleek 7-gauge stainless steel base, the New Square Scrub Pivot can handle the toughest of floor preparation jobs including: tile & grout, VCT wet or dry, wood floors, stone care, and more. Square Scrub Pivot, Innovation Evolved!

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Square Scrub
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