Hands-On Training for Floor Solutions

How do you refinish your gym floors?

Recently we partnered with Spartan Chemical Company to provide a 2-day training session with one of our local high-schools.

We aim to provide institutions with training and solutions, not just products.

Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes.


Step 1:  Floor Prep

Sweep the wood floor and remove the any floor tape.

Step 2: Deep Clean

Use the autoscrubber purchased from Dacotah Paper to clean any dirt, shoe marks, and remove all the adhesive residue from tape.

Step 3: Screen for Coating

Screen the floor preparing it for coating adhesion. Then remove all dust created, by cleaning and tacking with Spartan® Strategic Cleaner

Step 4: Apply Finish

Apply first coat of Spartan® Aquasport Finish – let dry.


Step 5: Apply 2nd Coat Finish

Apply the second coat of Spartan® Aquasport Finish

Step 6: Training Debriefing

Review the care and maintenance steps with trainers from Dacotah Paper Co and Spartan Chemical Company. Jan/San team asks any further questions and gets a personalized plan for future floorcare needs.

How Do I Get Hands-On Training for My Team

We aim to provide your team with solutions, not just products. Contact your Dacotah Paper sales rep for hands-on training.
If you don't currently have a Dacotah Paper Representative, Contact Us Here to get one!