Introducing FoamyiQ from Spartan

No More Dispensers

Never install another dispenser
With the innovative foamyiQ's dispensing cartridge, dispensing is done directly from the cartridge. 

Never repair another dispenser 
With foamyiQ, there are no parts to replace, nothing to repair, and no downtime for maintenance. 

Never run out of soap 
Through the foamyiQ dispensing cartridge, it's easy to see the soap levels, so you can simply replace the cartridge when the time is right. 

Never stock another dispenser 
foamyiQ eliminates the hassle and cost of storing replacement dispensers. 


Never deal with a hand hygiene dispenser complaint again! 
A recent study shows restrooms receive more than half of the cleaning complaints in a facility. The most common restroom complaints are related to dispensers, with 17% resulting from broken or empty hand hygiene dispensers.

See foamyiQ in Action

FoamyIQ Master from Spartan Chemical on Vimeo.