About Us

More Than Just Paper

Dacotah Paper Co. is a fourth generation, family-owned wholesale distributor of over 7,000 different products from America's most trusted brands.
We Specialize in:

  • Packaging Supplies
  • Janitorial Supplies & Equipment
  • Office Supplies
  • Food Service Supplies
  • First Aid & Safety Apparel



In 1906 Carl greenwood and Ernest Orr joined forces and created Greenwood Orr & company in Fargo, ND. The two partners offered a variety of paper/stationery items.


In 1920 the company was re-named: The Greenwood Stationery Company, soon simplified to Greenwood Stationery. In the 1920’s, F.W. “Bill” Mohr, Jr. joined Greenwood Stationery. Bill Mohr was promoted to salesman in 1926 and established an excellent reputation for himself. Soon Greenwood Stationery was a leader in the Fargo area paper market.


1929 unleashed the worst economic crash in US history, however Greenwood Stationery continued on its own growth path. Bill Mohr often made deliveries on his bicycle in order to save gas while making sure his customers were getting their orders.

The continued growth of the company through times of economic hardship caught the attention of WL Stockwell, President of Northern School Supply Co. – he later acquired Greenwood Stationery. Bill Mohr became Paper Business Manager of Greenwood Stationery.


In 1932, the company name was changed to Dacotah Paper Co. serving an ever-widening area.

Pictured: Dacotah Paper Co. delivery trucks outside of their headquarters shared with Northern School Supply.


In 1951 – the paper business division became its own entity and incorporated as an ND corporation – Bill Mohr named President.


Dacotah Paper Co. purchased a building in Fargo serving as both headquarters and product warehouse for over 30 years. Bill Mohr’s son, Fred W. Mohr joined the company as a salesman in the Jamestown territory. In 1957, Fred moved to Fargo to expand the data processing department.


Bill & Fred Mohr and other employees purchased Dacotah Paper Co. from Northern School Supply. Fred Mohr is named President in 1962.


Matthew Mohr, Fred’s son, took an interest in Dacotah Paper at an early age, and worked periodically in its product warehouse. In 1985, Matthew became Operations Manager.


 In 1987, the company continued to grow and modernized their expanded operations by moving to a Fargo Industrial Park facility with 220K square feet.

Warehouse Expansion Groundbreaking – 1987. Pictured left to right: Eric Mohr, Matthew Mohr, Fred Mohr, Bill Mohr, Oscar Sandvik, Gary Pedersen, Gary Rodacker

1990s- Present Day Growth

Dacotah Paper’s strength to serve customers was greatly enhanced with strategic acquired growth.

  • 1990 – Acquired both Ed Philips & Sons and Valley Lights
  • 1992 – Acquired American Janitorial Supply
  • 1993 – Acquired Range Paper
  • 1994 – Acquired Bemidji Paper & Janitorial Supplies
  • 2006 – Acquired Clean-Rite Maintenance Supplies
  • 2015 – Acquired Spectrum Supply
  • 2018 – Acquired both Jiffy Jr. and Johnson Paper & Supply Co.
  • 2019 – Acquired Teigen Paper & Supply Inc

Growing from primarily stationery products in 1906, Dacotah paper Co. now distributes over 7,000 items from trusted brands. Our service delivery area now includes 7 states with our iconic black and gold fleet of over 50 trucks.

Pictured: One of our black and gold semis in the Dacotah Paper fleet. Our distribution area reaches into 7 states.


Berea Mohr, daughter of Matthew joined Dacotah Paper Co. in 2016, starting in Customer Service, and now highly involved in the company. She oversees the online store, works with fleet delivery dispatch, and other various trouble spots. She is being trained to take on the fourth generation Mohr business legacy.

Mohr Family business represented in generations. Bill Mohr (Gen I), Fred Mohr (Gen II), Matthew Mohr (Gen III), Berea Mohr ( Gen IV)


Dacotah Paper Co. continues to grow by adding an additional 55,728 square feet of warehouse space to its primary distribution center in Fargo. With the 5 divisions in Minnesota, this brings Dacotah’s total office/warehouse capacity to approximately 343,000 square feet.