Website Privacy Policy

Dacotah Paper Co. takes the privacy of your personal information seriously. This Internet Privacy Policy describes the measures we take to help ensure the security of information collected through our Web sites.

How Personal Information is Collected and Used

Dacotah Paper Co. only collects personal information that you voluntarily submit through our web site. This may include information such as your name, telephone number, street and e-mail addresses. We do not automatically collect personal information without your knowledge.

Uses of Personal Information

When you submit personal information to Dacotah Paper Co. we will only use it to respond to your questions or comments, to better understand your purchasing habits and needs, to help us understand how we can improve our products, services and web site, inform you about special promotions, and to contact you to ask for your opinion, feedback, comments, concerns. For certain promotions or product requests, we may share your information with one of our suppliers for the sole purpose of fulfilling your order. Our suppliers also take the protection of your personal information seriously.

Sharing Your Personal Information with Others

Dacotah Paper Co. will not use or share your personal information in ways unrelated to the uses described above unless we provide you with prior notice and give you an opportunity to change your usage preferences.

Limiting the Use of Your Information

If you submit personal information to Dacotah Paper Co. you have two options:

1. You may choose to allow us to use the personal information for any of the purposes described under the “Uses of Personal Information” noted above section of our Privacy Policy. This is called the “Opt-In” choice.

2. You may choose to restrict our use of your information to a specific application, such as answering your question about a product. This is called the “Opt-Out” choice.

These options give you the opportunity to control the usage of your personal information by “opting out” of our systems.

Use of Cookies

To improve your visit to our sites, we may use “cookies” to obtain non-personal information (cookies are text information files that your browser places on your computer when you visit a Web site). We may aggregate this data to analyze the viewing habits of our site visitors, but it will not be associated with any personally identifiable data.

Access to Your Information

To modify your personal information, call our customer service at 1-800-323-7583 or email The security of your personal information is very important to us. Only those authorized by Dacotah Paper Co. will be granted access to your personal information.