1 Gallon H20 Water Soluble Deodorant Concentrate-Cinnamon

Use BIG D® WATER SOLUBLE DEODORANT anywhere there's an odor problem or possible odor problem: In mop water, in the washing machine, in the humidifier, in the sick room, around the farm or ranch. WSD is ideal for use with carpet or upholstery. It removes odors associated with pets, food, mustiness, vomit, smoke, etc. Use anywhere any kind of cleaning operation is underway.


BIG D® WSD is concentrated, easy to use and effective. Just a small amount added to water or other cleaning products will destroy odors on contact without changing the properties of the cleaner.


BIG D® deodorants actually eliminate odors, not just mask them. And they are safe– nontoxic, nonflammable, biodegradable, will not stain any material unaffected by plain water. WSD is versatile. Use it for mopping, shampooing, rinsing or in a hand sprayer or fogger.

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1 Gallon
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