355MM x 457M x 12MIC Wrap Prolite

Prolite® High-performance hand-applied stretch wrap is a high strenth formulation stretch wrap designed for high containment loads while reducing film usage for cost-saving benefits.

Color: Clear
Dimensions: 355mm x 457m (14"x 1,499')
Thickness: 12.0Micron, 47 Gauge
Application: hand-applied

Product Features:

  • Excellent load retention — designed to offer high film holding power to ensure safe arrival
  • Highly elastic film recovery — keeps film tight even if load settles or shrinks
  • High strength formulation — tight loads with a minimal amount of film stretching
  • Reduced film “neckdown” — film resists reducing in width as it is being stretched, allowing narrower initial film width and/or reduced number of wraps applied to cover load
  • Light film gauges — available down to our lowest 40 and 47 gauge to minimize roll weights and film cost
  • Elevated tear and puncture strength — tough product resists puncturing and tearing
Intertape Polymer Group
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Product SKU: TT1355
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