3.94"x1367' Gray 1-Ply Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth

The Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth is a perfect alternative to Rags or Rental cloths. Its softness and flexibility allows cleaning tight spaces and intricate components without scratching the surface, yet it is tough enough to mop up oil, grease and dirt, while usable with most solvents. It fits in the Tork Floor or Wall Stand dispensers (available by special order), developed for safety and efficiency, and the Tork Maxi Centerfeed or Boxed Combi Roll Dispenser, designed for single hand dispensing.


  • Compatible with most chemical solvents: Picks up and releases solvents more efficiently than textile products which reduces consumption
  • Excellent oil and water absorption, easily lifts grease and grime
  • Reusable, strong, durable wiper - excellent rental towel and rag replacement


Color: Gray

Roll width: 3.94"

Sheets/Roll: 500



SCA Group
Case Description: 
1 Roll of 500 Sheets
Manufacturer Code: 
Product SKU: GX0337
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