Clothesline Fresh® Detergent X-15 Gallon

Clothesline Fresh Detergent X provides excellent cleaning and stain removal. Featuring the Xcelente® fragrance, Detergent X imbues a long-lasting fresh lavender scent in laundry linens. Detergent X is charged with optical brightener and fabric protectant technology to prevent fading, greying, and linen degradation in the wash cycle. The highly concentrated formula offers an economical solution for any professional laundry program.

  • Color: Purple
  • pH:6.5-8.0
  • Scent: Fresh Lavender

Also available in 4/1 Gallons (SP7044) and a 5 Gallon pail (SP7045)

SDS Sheet (English)

Spartan Chemical Co.
Case Description: 
15 Gallon Drum
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Product SKU: SP7042
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