Febreze Refresher Sanitizing RTU-8/32oz

Febreze® Sanitizing Fabric Refresher eliminates odors trapped in fabrics and freshens; it's not a 'cover-up' product. The product sanitizes and kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces. It also prevents mold growth on soft surfaces for up to 14 days. Patented binding technology locks on to odor molecules and traps them for good. Proprietary technology goes to the source of odors and eliminates them. A light, fresh scent is left behind to leave the treated area smelling fresh and clean. Safe for virtually all fabrics. Spray soft surface until fully wet and the soft surface must remain wet for 5 minutes.


  • Sanitizes and kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Prevents mold growth on soft surfaces for up to 14 days
  • Eliminates and freshens odors trapped in fabrics
  • Proprietary technology goes to source of odors and eliminates them
  • Patented binding technology eliminates odor for good; not a “cover-up” product

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Procter & Gamble
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