StretchTape® Banding Film - 90 Gauge - 3" x 1000' *Discontinued*

This product has been discontinued with a sub item of CA0004. Please contact customer service for more information. 


StretchTape® is the miracle stretch film that adheres only to itself... Leaves no gooey residue or marred finishes. And it won't tear off the printed surface of a package, as sticky tape will.

Color: Clear
Roll Size: 3" x 1000'
Density: 90 Gauge

Product Features:

  • Quickly wrap odd sized packages
  • Won't rip off the printed surface or leave a sticky residue
  • Great for Express shipments

Wrap and bundle:

  • Wood products
  • Carpets
  • Cartons
  • Pipe
  • Wire
  • Soft goods
Stretchtape Inc
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Product SKU: TA0004
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