10"x12" EasyTask® GrabBox® Spunlace Cleaning Wipers

Finding a pre-moistened wipe with your preferred cleaning solution can be difficult, so why not make your own! Add any cleaning or disinfectant solution to a roll of these solvent resistant spunlace wipers for a durable wet wipe. Clean and disinfect hard non-porous surfaces in one step!


Eliminates cross contamination on surfaces – use a new wipe each time
System reduces vapors and fumes caused from cleaning/disinfecting solutions
GrabBox® contains one perforated centerfeed roll in a resealable bag within the portable heavy-duty cardboard box
Resealable bag keeps wipes moist
Holds 1/2 gallon (2 quarts) of liquid
Durable and low lint
Excellent tear strength
Solvent resistant
Smooth - For pre-moistened applications
Roll size: 6.375" diameter x 10" hig


Hard non-porous surface cleaning in schools, offices, healthcare, restaurants, vehicles, retail, recreation, hospitality, public transportation and any other
public areas.


Case Description: 
1 Roll of 275
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Product SKU: HY1010
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