14"x14" SaniWorks® Topline® Linen Like Napkins-White

Linen replacement napkins skillfully mimic the feel and appearance of genuine linen, providing an upscale touch at a fraction of the cost. Their distinctive features include high absorbency, tear-resistance, and a soft texture that remains gentle for varied uses, all while ensuring low-lint production. These napkins stand out for their cost-effectiveness, offering both logistical simplicity by eliminating the need for laundering and mending, and a hygienic single-use option that reduces contamination risks.

Features of Linen Replacement Napkins:

  • Mimics the feel and appearance of real linen.
  • Cost-effective compared to genuine linen services.
  • Durable and tear-resistant.
  • High absorbency for liquids and grease.
  • Soft and gentle texture suitable for various uses.
  • Disposable for convenience and hygiene.
  • Low-lint production.


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Product SKU: HY2614
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