15"x20" Ocean Plastic Pull-N-Pak & Mini Roll Bags

These Crown Poly Ocean Plastic bags are made from recycled PE plastic collected off the beaches in developing countries where trash collection is not available.  This plastic is then brought to the US to be recycled into food grade plastic resin.  Not only does this help reduce the amount of plastic pollution entering the ocean each year, but these efforts are also creating new jobs for local communities and creating education opportunities for their children. 


  • One at a Time Dispensing – Pull-N-Pak® is the only system that dispenses one bag at a time to the very end, reducing waste up to 20%
  • Large Capacity, Easy to Load Bags – At 15″x20″ each bag holds 50% more than standard bags
  • Enhanced Self Opening Bag – addresses the #1 complaint about produce bags by providing a pre-opened, pre-separated start to have an open bag! Our bags are the only system that provide this unique and appreciated feature.
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Product SKU: CY1700
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