6" Black Laminated Foam Plate

Pactiv Evergreen laminated foam disposable plates offer a host of benefits for every food service operator. They’re sturdy and cut-resistant and they won’t absorb liquids, which makes them reliable, cost-effective, and a great go-to for a variety of foods.

Size: 6"

Color: Black 

Material: polystyrene foam- laminated

This plate can withstand temperatures between 0 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not microwave safe.

Satin smooth surface with laminated foam for a non-absorbent, cut-resistant surface.

Pactiv Evergreen 6" Laminated Plates Available In: 

White: KD3306

Vanilla: KD3406

Black: KD3606


Pactiv Evergreen
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Product SKU: KD3606
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