8oz ThermoGlaze® Foam Cafe G Wrapped Cup

Customers shouldn't need to rely on "double cupping" their paper hot cups to avoid burning their fingers. Dart's Café G® stock printed foam cups keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold while remaining comfortable to the touch. Because this premium line of insulated ThermoGlaze® cups keeps beverages at their proper serving temperature, coffee will taste fresher longer than when it's served in a paper cup.


8 oz Café G® - Green - Individually Wrapped
Diameter of Top (in):3.2
Diameter of Base (in):1.9
Height (in):3.5
Special Features:Wrapped
Materials:EPS - Expanded Polystyrene

The lids for this cup are DT0001DT1008, and DT1208

Dart Container Corporation
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Product SKU: DT5009
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