EZ Mop Scrubber

Ultra maneuverable handling allowing a 360° effortless rotation. This very efficient design and 16’ scrub path cleans 5,400 square feet per hour. The 36 volt battery produces 1 hour of continuous run time. A true hybrid product between the mop and the scrubber, its extreme maneuverability eliminates unsightly dirty build up in hard to clean places. Compact but robust and reliable, guarantees many years of service. Its chassis is made of high-density stainless steal ( AISI 304L or A2: stainless steel food type) for a real professional use, designed for Cleaning Professionals.


Powerful / efficient multi-speed scrubbing action
Powerful suction and water-lift for clean dry floors
Easy storage - Height 46.85" x Width 16.14" x Depth 18.3"
Extremely maneuverable 360° robust swiveling handle
Easy to maintain and operate
Easy and intuitive operating controls
Effective / efficient cleaning at 5,400 square feet per hour
Effortless transporting due to the strategically placed front castors and
fixed carrying handle

Lithium Ion Battery: 36 Volts
♦ Run Time: 1 hour
♦ Scrub width: 16.0"
♦ Squeegee width: 17.7 inches
♦ Pad / Brush pressure: 48.5 lbs.
♦ Brush Speed: 210 rpm
♦ Productivity: 5,400 square feet / hour
♦ Solution tank: .8 gallons
♦ Recovery tank: 1.3 gallons
♦ Vacuum motor: 36 volt / .40 h.p.
♦ Noise level: 66 dba

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Replacement battery: HO0015

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Product SKU: HO0014
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