FreshFry Fryer Olil Filter Pods

FreshFry Pods are a safe, 30-second solution to replenish and extend the life of your frying oil. Trains in minutes and anyone can execute. 

Use 1 Pod per active fryer, per night. Use every night you fry to maximize your results.

Directions for Use

1. Start your first Pod after day 1 oil. Skim to remove crumbs. At the end of the night, turn fryer off and place Pod in fryer while the oil is still hot.


2. Let Pod soak overnight in the frying oil to catch water, acids, metals and other invisible impurities.


3. The next day, turn on the fryer and let the warm oil drain from the Pod.


4. Dispose the used Pod in the trash. Use one Pod per fryer, every night that you fry.

Case Description: 
21 Pods
Manufacturer Code: 
Product SKU: FF0021
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