Perfect Crust Pizza Liner for 10" Pizza

Our Pizza Liner allows you to handle all of your pizza with ease. The liner eliminates the cardboard taste that you find without a liner. The liner absorbs grease and allows moisture to escape, which ensures a crisper crust every time. Our Pizza Liner keeps pizza 12-15 degrees warmer upon delivery.


  • Bi-directional patented bumps first allows moisture to escape, then absorbs grease & any excess moisture, providing a crispier crust every time.
  • Uses substantially less storage space then corrugated liners and circles.
  • Made from 100% Premium Paper vs. post-consumer recycled waste.
  • Patented bumps help keep pizza more stable in box during delivery.
  • Our pizza liners are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.
  • Also available for 8" (PC1008), 12" (PC1012), and 14" (PC1014)
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Product SKU: PC1010
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