Tork Premium Alcohol Foam Sanitizer

Tork Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer is a complement for even more efficient hand hygiene, sanitizing and disinfecting hands quickly without water. Perfect for critical needs healthcare environments, food processing and food preparation areas. Suitable for Tork Skincare dispensers for soap and hand sanitizers, with proven easy-to- use design, promote good hand hygiene for all visitors.


  • Rich and easy to spread, parfume- and color-free foam is gentle to skin
  • Premium quality: Moisturizing agents for frequent use without sticky residues.
  • Hygienic: Sealed refill with single use pump reduces risk of cross contamination
  • Unique Pump built with innovative technology to prevent dripping and clogging
  • Bottle is recyclable and collapses as contents are used, reducing waste

Recommended dispenser: GX5715 (manual, black)

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Product SKU: GX3217
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