WaveBrake® Side Press Wringer-Yellow

With features that surpass traditional mop buckets, the new generation of WaveBrake® helps to clean floors with less effort to get the job done safer, without sacrificing quality and durability.



  • IMPROVE SAFETY AND PRODUCTIVITY Patented WaveBrake baffles result in less splashing while mopping and maneuvering, helping to create a safer environment for patrons and staff. Additionally, water stays in the bucket, eliminating unnecessary trips to the storage closet to fill up the bucket, enhancing productivity.
  • DESIGNED TO LAST The new generation WaveBrake wringer is designed and built to the highest of quality standards.
  • WRINGS A VARIETY OF MOP SIZES Wringer effectively wrings a variety of mop sizes, ranging from XS – XL (10oz – 32oz).
  • DURABLE WRINGER HANDLE Handle is made from steel, with a comfort grip for long-lasting durability.
  • BUILT-IN DRAIN A convenient foot-operated drain eliminates the strain of lifting and bending when emptying mop buckets.


Length: 15.75"

Width: 13.38"

Height: 31.13"

Weight: 22lbs

Color: Yellow

Material: Plastic

Rubbermaid Commercial
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Product SKU: RM4915
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