1oz Eco Botanics Conditioning Shampoo Amenities

Enriched with organic olive oil, moisturizing body and cleansing bars are vegetable based with a refreshing chamomile and honey fragrance. The shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and body wash are infused with soothing white tea and nourishing honey.


The Eco Botanics amenities available include: 

Shampoo: DV1005

Conditioner: DV1006

Conditioning Shampoo: DV1001

Lotion: DV1007

Body Bar Soap: DV1020

Facial Bar Soap: DV1021

Body Wash: DV1004

SDS Sheet (English)

Diversified Hospitality
Case Description: 
300/1oz Bottles
Manufacturer Code: 
Product SKU: DV1001
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